4 Of the Best Vacation Spots to Call Home (International)

Owning a home in a vacation spot means that one of the biggest barriers to actually taking one (finding affordable accommodations) is removed!

Here is a list of amazing vacation home locations around the world that cater to various interests like exploration, night clubs, beaches, and culture.

hilton-head-south-carolina-1418970_640Hilton Head, South Carolina, United States: Hilton Head is a U.S. destination for many vacationers looking for incredible sunrises, beach front fun, shopping, and more! Owning a home here is great year-round, either for becoming a permanent resident or getting the most on your investment if you have other plans by offering your property as a VRBO (vacation rental by owner).

beach-1236581_640Maui, Hawaii: It doesn’t take a rocket surgeon to know that Maui is one of the top vacation spots in the world; it also makes a great place to call home! Property values here are very high, which is something to consider, but the ability to make money long term by renting your house as a vacation home can’t be ignored. It is true you can’t take it with you when you go, but enjoying sunsets like those seen from the Maui beaches is a life not wasted!

brey-irelandBrey, Ireland: Brey Ireland sees hundreds of thousands of visitors each year, as is a fantastic place for both tourism and planting roots! Brey’s scenery and view of the Atlantic is reason enough to make it an ideal destination, but when combined with the possibilities of a 20-minute train ride to Dublin and all it has to offer, the idea becomes even more attractive!

cairns-western-australiaCairns, Western Australia: For those looking to make a move to the big down under, Cairns is what is called the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef! For those with a love for the sea this an ideal location for boating, surfing, and underwater adventure! Heading inland offers adventures in the nearby tablelands, and some of the most beautiful places to lay your eyes on!

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Your Home Away from Home Awaits YOU!

Growing up as a child, I always dreamed of being able to transform into a mermaid at will and living on a secluded island.

The idea of being able to freely come and go as I wished be it swimming the depths of the ocean or feasting on hand picked coconuts was an escape I retreated to often!

There is just something about imagining yourself somewhere other than the normal day in and day out.

I suppose that is the appeal of a vacation home and is so many people fanaticize owning a home away from home.

Unfortunately, for many the dream never transpires into something real.  It is true, not everyone can own a piece of paradise because then it would not be paradise anymore.

For me, I wanted to break away the status quo and seize my dreams.  While the dreams of being a mermaid are only a memory, I have made my island getaway a reality.  No matter how crazy life gets and boy does it get crazy, I know that I have my home away from home to escape to.

This place is not in a dream but it is firmly grounded in reality.

That is what I want to encourage each person reading this blog to do!  No one will make your dreams become reality unless you do!

It is not as hard as you think and no matter your background or income, you can own a piece of paradise whatever paradise may look like to you.

So, close your eyes, take a deep breath and image what it would be like owning your very own vacation home!  Stay tuned as we dive into the best vacation spots, benefits of owning a vacation home and much more!

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Here is an illustration that can help you feel the salty breeze through your hair and sand on your toes!

vacation home
What does your vacation home look like?